Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore has been dubbed a "playground for the rich," and it is true that the little city-state does exude opulence. But Singapore has more to offer than high-end shopping malls, luxurious hotels, and exquisite dining. There is also a strong history and a broad ethnic section to explore, as well as several family-friendly attractions and gorgeous public areas, making this slightly futuristic city enjoyable to visit. Now, let's explore the top 7 tourist attractions in Singapore.

  1. Gardens by the Bay
  2. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
  3. Marina Bay Sands
  4. Merlion Park
  5. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
  6. Singapore Flyer
  7. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay, with its 101 hectares, is a must-see for nature lovers. It has three waterfront gardens and is located next to the Marina Reservoir. Each garden is a calm, one-of-a-kind setting where you may learn about a wide range of plants, flowers, and birds. It is an ideal spot for taking in the vista of the Marina Reservoir. Gardens by the Bay is likely to wow, whether you are a nature lover or just have a green thumb.

Gardens by the Bay’s four themed gardens are an excellent way to learn about Singapore’s ethnic past. A sacred banyan tree and the Divi-kaduru, India’s forbidden fruit, may be found in the Indian Garden. King Sago Cycad trees and pine plants can be found in the Chinese Garden. The Colonial Garden is a magnificent display of colonial-era architecture, while the Malay Garden is rich with scented plants.

If you do not have time to drive to Gardens by the Bay, you can use Grab or a taxi to get there. Gardens by the Bay can also be reached via MRT. You may travel to the bayfront area by taking the blue Downtown or yellow Circle lines. From there, take exit B for the bayfront and continue to the next stop. You can go from one park to another depending on the weather.

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Entrance fee:

  • Adults: $28 SGD
  • Children: $15 SGD

Best time to visit: on weekdays or early morning and the evening

Hours: Daily: 5 am – 2 am

top 7 best places to visit in singapore

top 7 best places to visit in singapore

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Museum and Temple is a Buddhist temple and temple complex in Singapore’s Chinatown district. Chinese Buddhism is practiced by the monks of this temple. Visitors can explore a Buddha Tooth Relic, which is the world’s most cherished relic, in addition to the museum’s exhibitions. Its museum houses Buddhist artifacts, including some of the world’s oldest and most sacred treasures. Every day of the week, except Tuesdays and Fridays, when it shuts for the night, the museum is open. The museum is free to enter and entry is free.

It is situated near Singapore’s South Bridge Road. To get to the temple, you can take cabs or public transportation. It is only a minute’s walk from the South Bridge station. The Buddhist Museum is open to the public for free. You can visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple’s museum and five-story museum upon arrival: Beautiful artwork and singing monks adorn the temple. The museum is open to the public and is free to enter. The temple is not a good place to show off your tops because you will be seen by many people. You might also want to stop by Maxwell Food Centre in nearby Chinatown for some authentic Chinese cuisine.

Address: 288 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058840

Entrance fee: free

Best time to visit: N/A

Hours: Daily: 9 am – 5 pm

top 7 best places to visit in singapore
top 7 best places to visit in singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort, is one of the places in Singapore that should not be missed. The rooms are outfitted with the most up-to-date technology, including Wi-Fi, minibars, and sitting areas. There are even pianos and saunas in some of the apartments. The hotel has a gym and a spa, and room service is available 24 hours a day. On the roof, there is also an infinity pool. A 24-hour fitness center is also available at the hotel.

The Gardens by the Bay are one of the stunning destinations to visit in the city. This seaside park is free to enter and contains a nature park. The Gardens by the Bay shuttle costs $3 and runs every 20 minutes. The Skypark has the tallest infinity pool in the world. If you are seeking a more peaceful way to spend your afternoon, the outdoor water playground is a good option. Another attraction in Marina Bay is the Skypark. The optimum time to visit the Skypark is a few hours before and after sunset. When visiting the Skypark, the best display to see is the light show in the Supertree Grove. The Merlion is Singapore’s mascot. He has the body of a fish and the head of a lion. In Singapore, there are seven Merlion statues. At the foot of the Esplanade Bridge is the one in Marina Bay Sands.

Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Entrance fee: N/A

Hours: N/A

top 7 best places to visit in singapore

top 7 best places to visit in singapore

Merlion Park

Merlion Park, in the middle of the city, is a significant tourist destination in Singapore. The Merlion is a legendary creature with a king’s head and a fish’s body. It is the national mascot and embodiment of Singapore. This renowned landmark is best viewed from the park. If you are considering a trip to Singapore, Merlion Park offers a variety of activities.

The iconic Merlion statue is the first spot to see. This animal’s 8.6-meter-tall monument is located in a lovely park with several attractions around. The park’s fountain contains a massive water jet and is a beautiful sight to behold. A visit to the pier and promenade that connects the Bayfront neighborhood to the CBD is also recommended. It also has spectacular views of the city.

You can take in the metropolitan skyline while visiting Merlion Park. The main monument is a famous attraction, and the park gives a beautiful view of the marina water. The statue is nine meters tall and weighs 70 tons, and it spits water out of its mouth. You can also take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Merlion Park offers a variety of attractions in addition to the Merlion statue.

Location: One Fullerton, Singapore

Best time to visit: evening around 5 pm

Hours: daily

top 7 best places to visit in singapore
top 7 best places to visit in singapore

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

If you are seeking a venue to practice Buddhism, the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Buddhist Temple in Bishan, Singapore, is a good place to start. The Chinese monk Zhuan Dao built this temple in the early twentieth century with the goal of spreading Buddhism. Furthermore, this is Bishan’s largest Buddhist temple.

The world-famous Buddha statue is a must-see attraction. This bronze sculpture is 13.8 meters tall and 55 tons in weight. It also has a number of additional temples and shrines that practice various forms of Buddhism. The monastery’s major attraction is a large bronze statue. It is thought that the Buddha will visit this monastic establishment at some point in the future. It is not, however, a requirement to attend a Buddhist college in this country. The Buddha Statue is one of Singapore’s most recognized and revered landmarks.

You must visit Hong Choon Memorial Statue while visiting Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. This statue honors the monastery’s second abbot and is steeped in history. For anyone interested in Buddhism, the temple is a must-see. For anyone interested in religion, this is a must-see location.

Address: 88 Bright Hill Rd, Singapore 574117

Hours: Mondays – Sundays: 8 am – 4 pm

top 7 best places to visit in singapore

top 7 best places to visit in singapore

Singapore Flyer

Gardens By The Bay is one of Singapore’s most renowned tourist attractions. From the top of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, visitors may get a spectacular aerial perspective of the city and its surroundings. Gardens by the Bay’s magnificent botanical gardens and man-made sculptures are also highlights of the itinerary. The city’s famed Flyer, which reaches a height of 541 feet, is also available to visitors. The flight is around 30 minutes long and includes audio guides.

The Singapore Flyer is a massive observation wheel located in the city’s Downtown Core sector. It first opened its doors in 2008 and now features 28 air-conditioned capsules, each with seating for 28 people. A three-story terminal building is also part of the structure. It is one of Singapore’s most popular tourist attractions. Continue reading to learn more about the sights and where to go. This article will give you some useful advice.

In Singapore, there are numerous attractions. The city’s skyline can be seen from the skies thanks to the city’s skyscrapers. Passengers can experience a delicious Singapore sling and an adrenaline thrill in addition to magnificent views of the entire city. On your trip to Singapore, you must participate in the Captain Explorer Adventure. Take the Captain Explorer Tour for the greatest view of the city.

Address: 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803

  • Visitors: S$33
  • Children aged 3 to 12: S$21
  • Residents or citizens of Singapore aged 60 or older: S$24

Best time to visit: Late evenings and early mornings


top 7 best places to visit in singapore

top 7 best places to visit in singapore

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

A visit to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Singapore is a must for sports fans. More than a hundred wax statues of prominent sports figures can be found at this museum. Muhammad Ali and the greatest soccer players of all time are among the exhibitions. You will have a chance to take a photo with the sports stars when you visit the museum.

The interactive Marvel section is a popular place for kids to spend their time. Marvel fans will have the opportunity to connect with their favorite superheroes. Visitors can even enjoy a life-like Anushka Shama in a 4D cinema experience. This is the first location in Singapore where you can meet a wax figure of Anushka Sharma who talks and moves like a genuine thing. The amazing detail in this portion of the museum will impress you.

The Marvel 4-D experience is Madame Tussauds’ first 4D experience. The joy, excitement, and thrills of this attraction will take your breath away. At the Madame Tussauds Gift Shop, you can also buy exclusive souvenirs. The museum has something for everyone, including children. The children’s section is the cutest, with a variety of adorable display items for every child.

Address: 40 Imbiah Rd, Sentosa, Singapore 099700

  • Online Saver: $30
  • VR Racing Experience: $40
  • Partner Packages: $22


  • Mondays & Thursdays – Sundays: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays: closed

top 7 best places to visit in singapore

top 7 best places to visit in singapore