Best Restaurants In Singapore

In Singapore, you don't have to look far to find delicious food. The city is brimming with boundary-pushing restaurants led by star-studded chefs, as well as simple hawker finds that will satisfy your hunger for pennies. These are the top 13 best restaurants to dine in Singapore right now, as ranked by professional local editors.

  1. Restaurant Euphoria
  2. Naeum Restaurant
  3. Firangi Superstar
  4. Kki Sweets
  5. Kotuwa
  6. Candlenut
  7. Mott 32
  8. Avenue 87
  9. Cloudstreet
  10. Preludio
  11. Allium
  12. The Butcher’s Wife
  13. Min Jiang

Restaurant Euphoria

The Restaurant Euphoria is ranked first in our list of the top thirteen best restaurants in Singapore. Vegetables frequently play a supporting position on the menu, serving as garnishes, side dishes, or as a basis to complement other meats and fish. However, at Restaurant Euphoria, the often-overlooked ingredient takes center stage.

It’s a style brought over from owner-chef Jason Tan’s previous tenure at the one-Michelin-starred Corner House. There, he concentrated on Gastro-Botanica, a phrase he developed to describe his love of botanical elements such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and even flowers.

And now that he has his own restaurant, the produce-first philosophy is in full bloom. It all starts with an odd source of inspiration: onion, which peeks through in both edible and physical ways. Coasters and dishes are shaped to look like bulbous vegetables (created in-house by Jason’s partner, Arissa Wong), wall themes hint at onion scales, and even the chandelier is an abstract representation of sliced allium.

Other excellent details can be found throughout the meal. Carrots are served in the most beautiful way conceivable in a plate of Maine lobster; bomba rice, a combination between paella and clay pot rice, is a fascinating play on textures and cultures; and a serving of lamb neck is enhanced by an elegant Damascus steel knife hand-forged by a sword maker. Desserts, too, aren’t your typical sweet ends. Goma and celery, maize and chocolate, and mochi with bandung are all newly discovered combos that will have you excited to leave the restaurant.

Rate: 4.7/5.0, 77 reviews (

Address: 76 Tras St, Singapore 079015


top 13 best restaurants in singapore

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

Naeum Restaurant

The 2nd restaurant in the list of the best restaurants in Singapore is Naeum Restaurant. Louis Han, the chef, grew up in Korea, worked in Abu Dhabi, and met his wife in Singapore. Each destination on his travels helped define a separate phase in his life – and the 31-year-old hopes to keep these cherished memories and prior experiences alive through food at his first restaurant.

Thus, Naeum Restaurant is an ode to remembering. The wood-washed 28-seater exudes homey comfort, with an open kitchen for curious eyes, and an episodic menu that delves into the chef’s personal journey and mind. Although Korean flavors take center stage, the meal is not bound by tradition; global ideas are included in the inaugural dishes prepared using some of Louis’ favorite ingredients.

Naeum will give a taste of Korea in take-out boxes during this stay-at-home period. A bansung menu ($78) will be available on a weekly basis, featuring items such as grilled pork, pancakes, and duck galbi patties. Otherwise, don your chef’s hat and try your hand at making the chef’s uni somyeon ($98 for two) with a curated kit of noodles, seasonings, 50g of sea urchin, and abalone mulhwae; or a gourmet barbeque feast ($298 for three) featuring ready-to-cook slices of nuruk dry-aged wagyu striploin, galbi-marinated Iberico pluma, gochujang-laced chicken thigh, plus sauces and vegetables.

Rate: 4.9/5.0, 47 reviews (

Address: 161 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068615


Contact: +65 8830 5016

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

Firangi Superstar

It is possible to produce lovely things when you fall in love. For the most part, it leads to a beautiful union of like-minded souls. However, for others, a stunning restaurant may emerge. Firangi Superstar is one such establishment; it is the owners’ ode to the land of India, which has utterly enchanted them. The huge setting is divided into four distinct areas, each with a dramatically different atmosphere.

The Elephant Palace dazzles with its peaceful opulence, which was inspired by the blue room of the Udaipur City Palace. The Jungle Lodge, situated deep within, is a beautiful tropical scene with vivid greens and framed tiger photographs.

The food, like the décor, is a stunning reimagining of Indian cuisine. Head chef Thiru Gunasakaran (formerly of Spago Dining Room by Wolfgang Puck) tinkers and tweaks traditional flavors to make everything taste fresh again. Begin with some chutney and raita as a colorful introduction to the inventive menu. Roasted pistachio is combined with green chili and coconut milk for a toasty, creamy complement; dried chili chutney packs heat with strong garlic undertones, and cucumber raita is sweetened with jackfruit chunks.

Without regard for tradition, the owners of Firangi Superstar have produced a lovely homage to a culture they clearly value.

Rate: 3.7/5.0, 175 reviews (

Address: 20 Craig Rd, #01-03, Singapore 089692


Contact: +65 6304 3022

top 13 best restaurants in singapore
top 13 best restaurants in singapore

Kki Sweets

Kki Sweets ranks 4th on the list of the best restaurants in Singapore. This is a native cake business that originated on Ann Siang Hill in 2009 before transferring to the School of the Arts. However, due to a lack of foot traffic, there was little business.

That return has finally occurred, and Kki now has a shiny new home along Seah Street. Delphine and her husband, Kenneth Seah, are starting over. For starters, Kki operates more like a dessert café than a traditional bakery. It operates on a reservation-only basis, and diners must choose what they wish to order ahead of time. It assists the husband-wife team in better managing the throng (the area can only sit about 15 diners at a safe distance) and preventing waste by preparing only what is needed.

The menu justifies the menu’s obvious lack of images – the absence of both display cases and photographs – as the restaurant’s way of encouraging you to pause the world of visual distraction… So go ahead and dive in, letting your imagination lead your taste receptors.” As part of Kki’s new offerings, there are six cakes and two plated desserts. Delphine recommends ordering three to four sweets to sample the breadth of the patisserie’s offerings. Whatever you choose, all desserts are attractively arranged and provide a delectable treat for both the camera and your tastebuds.

Rate: 4.7/5.0, 172 reviews (

Address: 3 Seah St, #01-01, Singapore 188379


top 13 best restaurants in singapore

top 13 best restaurants in singapore


Chef Rishi Naleendra is back with his third and most highly awaited endeavor, Kotuwa, after opening Cloudstreet and Michelin-starred Cheek Bistro. Following a slight hiccup due to the pandemic, Singapore’s first full-service Sri Lankan restaurant will open its physical doors on December 10 at the quirky Wanderlust Hotel.

When Kotuwa debuted a takeaway and delivery service in April, you might have gotten a sneak peek at what it has to offer. During the dreary lockdown days, many customers prefer excellent dishes like chicken kottu and black pork curry. But if you haven’t already, get ready for famed Sri Lankan short eats – usually packed and fried, similar to curry puffs or samosas – as well as a variety of curries and housemade sambols (a traditional meal made from freshly grated coconut) and preserves.

Kotuwa will be open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. from Wednesday through Sunday, with additional lunch service on weekends. And you know the drill – standard safe distance measures are in force.

Rate: 4.4/5.0, 212 reviews (

Address: 2 Dickson Rd, Level 1 Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore 209494


Contact: +65 6970 7838

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

top 13 best restaurants in singapore


The Candlenut’s new COMO Dempsey location breaks from the stark design of its prior Dorsett Residences location. Large straw lanterns dangle from the roof, weaved baskets line the flooring, and vintage objects like an ice kachang machine complete the look. It’s worthy of a Michelin star while being warm and friendly.

Dining here is a group activity. Choose from Lee’s classic ‘ahmakase’ menu ($65 for lunch, $88 for dinner) or the new à la carte menu. A kueh pie tee ($20), which is loaded with hamachi tartare, pickled shallots, and laksa leaf pesto. Put the entire piece in your mouth and you’ll discover that it’s nothing to write home about. Because of its simplicity, the chap chye ($18) stands out. The vegetables are cooked until they reach the ideal texture, which is a cross between chewy and melt-in-your-mouth. Other standouts include wok-fried sambal tiger prawns with petai beans ($24) and Petuna ocean trout curry ($30). After all, Lee’s cuisine is unquestionably a source of pride for us.

Rate: 4.3/5.0, 1135 reviews (
Address: 17a Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249676
Contact: +65 1800 304 2288

top 13 best restaurants in singapore
top 13 best restaurants in singapore

Mott 32

Dining at Mott 32 is a seductive and opulent experience. The encounter begins even before you enter the venue – the name alone inspires confidence. After all, the restaurant is known for its progressive Chinese food and has locations in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Seoul, and Vancouver.

Joyce Wang, a starchitect recognized for her award-winning interiors, has lavishly decorated the restaurant. Green accents and botanical motifs pay reference to Singapore’s reputation as a garden city. Peacock chairs, apothecary drawers, and overhanging Chinese lanterns pay homage to the restaurant’s oriental traditions, yet industrial finishes and modern furnishings, such as soft mint sofas, give the darkly lit dining area a contemporary feel.

The same dramatic flare may be found in the kitchen’s dishes. The usual Chinese dishes are prepared using excellent ingredients, as is Mott 32’s style. Signatures include plump siew mai parcels packed with Iberico pork and soft-boiled quail egg, as well as a sugar-coated Peking duck bun ($10 for three). However, the bird shines most in Mott 32’s signature applewood roasted duck ($108). It is a time-consuming process to prepare: it is cured and marinated for almost 48 hours before being baked for an hour to achieve its gleaming brown skin. There are several ways to enjoy the dish: first, the collar skin is carved and served to appreciate its bold, fatty texture; then, the rest is wrapped in thin pancakes with lashings of housemade hoisin sauce.

Rate: 4.1/5.0, 329 reviews (

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, B1 – 41 / 42, Singapore 018956


Contact: +65 6688 9922

top 13 best restaurants in singapore
top 13 best restaurants in singapore

Avenue 87

Modern cuisine’s road map is frequently dotted with unusual views and unexpected detours. Chefs Alex Phan and Glen Tay of Avenue 87, on the other hand, are taking things on a different path As the pals take a trip down memory lane at their recently launched mod-Asian restaurant.

Sambal stingray is also given a makeover by the chefs’ imaginative hands. The preferred meat is octopus tentacle, which is blanched in a stock flavored with thyme, bay leaf, and onion before being smeared with delectable sambal created from Glenn’s mother’s recipe. A sprinkling of confit egg yolk tempers the heat and links the side of bean sprouts and Chinese spinach together. Another hawker creation that gets a stylish makeover is fish soup. Locally obtained Ah Hua Kelong sea bass swims in a delicious anchovy soup. It’s then fortified with homemade anchovy buttermilk sauce and topped with slices of compressed bitter gourd, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, egg floss, and fried julienned ginger for a cozy, belly-warming soup that’s excellent until the last drop.

Alex and Glen may be leading customers on a new adventure down Avenue 87, but it’s one full of familiar images. The chefs demonstrate that a modern eating experience does not have to be alienating and complicated by drawing on their shared history.

Rate: 4.7/5.0, 64 reviews (
Address: 47 Amoy St, Singapore 069873
Contact: +65 9838 8401

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

top 13 best restaurants in singapore


Stepping inside Cloudstreet, it’s clear why Cheek by Jowl, despite its success, wasn’t enough. Cloudstreet is the most authentic representation of Rishi – his composition, intricacies, and inconsistencies. It’s deeply personal, with pieces of him strewn about the larger and bolder space: his paintings of naked women line the walkway to the powder room; the chandelier from the former restaurant is now draped in fabric, softening the rays passing through the skylight; and the glossy emerald tiles that serve as the backdrop to the open kitchen should evoke memories of the old Cheek.

Rishi on a platter, remixed in his unique style. It takes you on a tour through other cultures and influences, breaking him free from the modern-Australian cocoon he was trapped in at Cheek. The first bite of grilled Coffin Bay oyster wrapped in betel leaf swimming in a pool of coconut milk and topped with zesty flashes of finger lime reveals the transformation. Throughout the meal, this innovative streak that combines various worlds is evident. The skillfully grilled Western Australian marron paired with millet cooked in a mellow Sri Lankan yellow curry is familiar, comforting, and unusual all at the same time. The grilled lamb saddle is also delicious, despite being overshadowed by the smoky and meaty packet of roasted young jackfruit next to it. The most subtle star, though, is a loaf of bread. Rye flour is combined with local stout to create a rich, almost cake-like molasses-glazed bun. It’s delicious on its own, but when paired with 2008 Claus Preisinger Paradigma, the licorice notes come alive.

Rate: 4.7/5.0, 176 reviews (
Address: 84 Amoy St, Singapore 069903
Contact: +65 6513 7868

top 13 best restaurants in singapore
top 13 best restaurants in singapore


Fernando Arévalo, the chef, has never shied away from abstraction. During Preludio’s first year, he challenged the team to create works centered on the concept of Monochrome. Instead of speaking in black and white, he’s ready to take on Time. Fernando distills the concept in a variety of ways, including age, genealogy, and anecdotes, which appear on Preludio’s new lunch ($58/four-course, $118/seven-course) and dinner ($188/six-course, $238/eight-course) menus.

The time arrives on your plate in the form of rye bread baked with fermented mushrooms and slick with umami sweetness from a honey-bacon sauce. It also manifests as history in the wine program, where beverage expert Chip Steel traces the ancestors of grapes to showcase bottles of various varietals and maturities.

Fernando also searches his archives for a signature dish from the Monochrome chapter. He employs the same key components as in the preceding Pata Negra – pork and tomatoes – to produce a Dish of a Lifetime – Iberico pork presa presented as a bite between thinly pressed prawns and tomato relish. The confit duck-filled pasta, stuffed with matured birds raised on maize and chia seeds, is equally remarkable. Its rich flavor is offset with a sweet and sour agrodolce sauce topped with crispy pork crackling.

The motif arises in recollections and stories as well as time-based cooking procedures. There’s Old Chimi, a cuisine from Fernando’s youth in Colombia, and a dessert made in honor of her grandmother by pastry chef Elena Perez de Carrasco.

Preludio’s second, more abstract thought may not have the same instant impact as Monochrome’s startling visual inspiration. But it isn’t necessary. Its food, details, and stories are best enjoyed after some time has passed.

Rate: 4.6/5.0, 182 reviews (

Address: 182 Cecil St, #03-01/02, Singapore 069547


Contact: +65 6904 5686

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

top 13 best restaurants in singapore


Within the calm Kensington Square, there is a little diner with only 16 seats. It’s so unassuming that you might walk right past it without giving it a second thought. But it means passing over Allium, a one-month-old restaurant led by chef Dillion Ng, formerly of GastroSmiths and The Humble Loaf. His most recent business is environmentally conscious: produce is sourced from sustainable sources, beef is used sparingly, and veggies are abundant on the brunch menu.

A simple bowl of congee ($18) is frequently regarded as too bland and uninteresting to warrant a spot on a restaurant menu. But this is a multi-layered dish, naturally sweetened by zucchini and chayote squash and reinforced with umami-rich kelp and vegetable stock. A sprinkle of pine nuts and a side of lotus root kinpira infused with the nutty aroma of sesame oil lend a delightful crunch to the creamy gruel.

Similarly, the fenugreek white wine curry ($20) relies on fresh ingredients. Okra, thin French green beans, and beancurd are stewed in a strong slurry that is slippery with spice and lingers on the mouth. When the heat becomes intolerable, enjoy a fresh strawberry and kaffir lime cooler ($5) – with wheat straw, of course – or cool down with roasted almond and Medjool date milk ($6).

Even if you’re full by the end of the meal, don’t pass up the sourdough waffles ($15), which are so airy and light that they effortlessly slip from fork to mouth. That is the allure of Allium. It does not dazzle you with flamboyance and theatrics. It impresses with deceptively basic, well-thought-out meals that unfold as you reach for another mouthful – until you realize you’ve finished your dinner and your plates are spotless, exactly like the table next door.

Rate: 4.4/5.0, 133 reviews (

Address: 2 Jln Lokam, #01-11 Kensington Square, Singapore 537846


top 13 best restaurants in singapore
top 13 best restaurants in singapore

The Butcher’s Wife

It is difficult to prepare a gluten-free dinner. It’s even more difficult to develop a menu that you don’t know is gone. The Butcher’s Wife, on the other hand, has been doing just that since 2018 — feeding both the gluten-free population and those looking for a tasty dinner in a relaxed setting in Tiong Bahru.

Mariana Campos D’Almeida, the restaurant’s head chef, draws inspiration from her Brazilian roots and merges it with Asian flavors for the restaurant’s most recent menu. Her passion and enthusiasm for both varied cuisines are reflected in the revised menu of delectable meals.

Fermentation techniques are often used in the kitchen. According to Mariana, the process of breaking down food items and following a gluten-free diet are “intrinsically related” — fermentation is what breaks down gluten in sourdough and converts lactose in milk into cheese.

At the restaurant, she puts her skills to use by making handcrafted kombucha in a variety of flavors that change regularly. Roselle and orange, tangy and vibrant, will whet your appetite for the main course. If not, The Drunken Farmer retail shop within the restaurant offers a wide selection of natural wine.

Rate: 4.5/5.0, 441 reviews (

Address: 19 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168650


Contact: +65 6221 9307

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

Min Jiang

Min Jiang has been a household name for quite some time. Since 1982, the beloved restaurant has served excellent Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine; its quality has remained consistent over the years. But now, after 38 years, it’s time for a change.

It all starts with the worn-out interior. Following renovations, the new Min Jiang has a sleeker, brighter environment. Soft textile panels, exquisite white marble tabletops, and onyx wall panels dress up the pleasant, sepia-toned interior. However, not everything is modern; dashes of chinoiserie help keep an old-school appeal that harkens back to the roots of the stalwart Chinese restaurant. Custom latticed chandeliers resembling Asian fishing baskets adorn the ceiling. Regular visitors will recognize the upholstered chairs as well; the cloth, which was found in the old Min Jiang, has been repurposed and given new life.

To commemorate the restaurant’s new chapter, the menu has also been modified. New dim sum items include steamed pumpkin balls ($6.20 for three) and homemade squid tofu with XO sauce ($7.80 for three), as well as deep-fried filled dough sticks with shredded abalone and enoki mushroom ($36) and roasted chicken skin with prawn paste in sesame pockets ($36). The sumptuous wonton noodles ($18) with delicious Argentinian red prawns are also worth a try.

Rate: 3.9/5.0, 309 reviews (

Address: 22 Scotts Rd, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore 228221

Contact: +65 6730 1704

top 13 best restaurants in singapore

top 13 best restaurants in singapore