Review Top 10 Largest Manufacturing Companies in Singapore

Singapore has emerged as a global hub for manufacturing, thanks to its strategic location, well-developed infrastructure, and business-friendly policies. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the largest manufacturing companies in Singapore.

  1. Wilmar International
  2. Flex
  3. Meiji Seika Singapore
  4. Giti Tire
  5. ofi
  6. Singapore Technologies Group
  7. Mewah
  8. Hong Leong Asia Ltd.
  9. Interplex
  10. Halcyon Agri

Wilmar International

Wilmar International, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Singapore, is a food processing and investment holding company with over 300 subsidiary companies. It was founded in 1991 and, together with the COFCO Group, is one of Asia’s biggest agribusiness firms. It is one of the largest listed firms on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) by market capitalization, ranking second as of September 2010. In 2020, it was rated 211th on the Fortune Global 500 list. Fortune ranked third in the World’s Most Admired Company (Food Production) in 2019.

Oil palm cultivation, edible oils refining, oilseeds crushing, consumer pack edible oils processing and merchandising, specialty fats, oleochemicals, biodiesel manufacture, grains processing and merchandising, and sugar milling and refining are all part of Wilmar International’s commercial activities.

Wilmar International was ranked second on FoodTalks’ Global Top 30 Specialty Oil Companies list in 2021. It has over 500 manufacturing plants and a vast distribution network spanning China, Indonesia, India, and 50 other countries. The company employs around 100,000 employees from various countries.

Wilmar’s merchandising and processing sector includes palm oil and lauric-related product retailing, palm oil processing and refinery plant operations, and crushing, further processing, and refining of various edible oils, oilseeds, cereals, and beans. In China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India, it sells edible oils, rice, flour, and noodles.

Founded: April 1, 1991

Headquarters: Central Singapore, Singapore


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Flex (formerly known as Flextronics International Ltd. or Flextronics) is an American multinational diversified manufacturing firm headquartered in Singapore. By revenue, it is the third largest worldwide electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturer (ODM) company, trailing only Pegatron in terms of original equipment manufacturers. Flex’s corporate headquarters are in Singapore, with administrative offices in San Jose, California. The corporation has manufacturing activities in over 30 countries, employing around 160,000 people.

The mission of the company is to build outstanding goods for customers that provide value and improve people’s lives. Flex, with a 50-year history and a distinct vision, goal, and purpose, is the trusted global manufacturing partner of choice for a varied client base, assisting in the design, construction, and maintenance of products that enhance the world. They provide a full of manufacturing solutions and services to customers when and when they need them, all while leveraging the strength of their extensive reach and expertise across a varied range of industries to enable rapid exchange of technology and information.

As one of the largest manufacturing companies in Singapore, Flex delivers technology innovation, supply chain leadership, and manufacturing solutions and services to varied industries and end markets through the collective strength of a global workforce spread across 30 countries and ethical, sustainable operations.

Founded: 25 September 1969


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Meiji Seika Singapore

Meiji Seika Singapore has a rich history of over 40 years of providing high-quality food products to customers in Singapore and around the world. Established in 1974 as the first overseas venture of Meiji Co., Ltd. Japan, the company has grown to become one of Singapore’s largest food manufacturers. The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing value to its customers and stakeholders and its dedication to putting the Meiji Group Philosophy into practice.

The company’s locally created products are highly sought after, and they have become household names in many countries worldwide. Meiji Seika Singapore’s products are known for their unique flavors and superior quality, and they are enjoyed by people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.

In recognition of its commitment to food safety, Meiji Seika Singapore has been certified as having met the Food Safety System Certification 22000 requirements. This certification demonstrates the company’s adherence to the highest standards of food safety and quality, and it provides customers with the assurance that they are consuming safe and healthy products.

The Meiji brand logo is a symbol of the company’s commitment to providing joy and happiness to its customers. The brand’s energizing color, red, evokes a sense of vibrancy and liveliness. The color is also the first color that humans learn after birth, symbolizing the company’s desire to be a consistent and beloved presence in the lives of people of all ages. In line with its commitment to providing fun, tastiness, and health, Meiji Seika Singapore continues to develop innovative and superior-quality food products.

Founded: 1974

Headquarters: Jurong Town, Singapore


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Meiji Seika Singapore

Giti Tire

Giti Tire is a Singapore-based tire firm with eight manufacturing facilities, over 32,000 global workers, and distribution in over 130 countries. Giti Tire, one of the world’s leading tire producers, services more than 130 global markets. Its market leadership is supported by a complete line of high-quality tires and services.

Giti Tire’s history dates back to 1951, when it began making bicycle tires and inner tubes in Indonesia, eventually expanding to produce bias tires for passenger and commercial vehicles. In 1993, the company entered China and formed a joint venture with Anhui Tire Factory, an independent third party, to manufacture bias tires. Giti launched unique sales and distribution outlets in various areas in 1998, and two years later completed manufacturing facilities in Fujian to service new passenger car tire (PCR) manufacture. Since then, the company has grown even more globally, building offices and distribution hubs all around the world.

Giti Tire is the world’s tenth-largest tire manufacturer in terms of revenue as of 2022. Giti Tire manufactures and exports premium tires to over 130 countries. In terms of size and sales, the company is listed among the top tire companies in the world. The firm announced intentions in June 2014 to establish a $560 million production plant in South Carolina, USA, its first outside of Asia, which opened in October 2017. Walmart USA recognized Giti Automotive Supplier of the Year and Hardlines Supplier of the Year in February 2016.

Founded: 1951

Headquarters: Jurong East, West Region, Singapore


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Giti Tire


ofi is a worldwide leader in the production and distribution of naturally healthy food and beverage ingredients and solutions. Since its inception, ofi has been solely focused on the agricultural sector. This has allowed them to improve their talents over time and have a deeper understanding of these areas, allowing them to solidify their position as one of the most essential market leaders. They have developed from a single product operating from a single country in 1989 to a global food industry player. They now operate in 70 different countries over 16 different platforms.

Supplying products and ingredients on a large scale is just the beginning. Their distinct manufacturing footprint and natural, delicious, and nutritious products provide value. Their innovative concepts enable clients to fully utilize the sensory and functional properties of cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices to produce naturally healthy and tasty food and beverage items.

Olam literally means “crossing boundaries” which effectively characterizes the company’s 30-year journey from start-up to a worldwide organization. They have accomplished this via the devotion and commitment of their 23,000 workers that work with them on a daily basis, as well as through collaboration with their global partners. They are on the cutting edge of consumer trends, providing manufacturers and retailers with products and ingredients that will thrill their customers.

Founded: 1989


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Singapore Technologies Group

Since its establishment in 2001, Singapore Technologies Group (STG) has been dedicated to the development of hardware solutions. Its founding members were international investors and technology experts based in Singapore and other parts of Asia. Over the years, the company has remained focused on its goal of producing high-quality, reliable hardware products for its customers.

As the market evolved, STG recognized the need to expand its reach beyond Asia and into the global market. To achieve this, the company began partnering with new suppliers and expanding its network of contacts. Today, STG is a well-established player in the global hardware industry, with a reputation for excellence and innovation.

One of the keys to STG’s success has been its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. The company has established partnerships with leading suppliers in Asia, ensuring that its products meet the highest standards of quality. In addition, STG employs highly skilled professionals in hardware engineering and product development, who work tirelessly to ensure that every product meets the needs of its customers.

STG’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its rigorous controls and management of the entire manufacturing process. This ensures that customers have full control over their business and can rely on STG to meet their needs with complete satisfaction.

Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Woodlands, North Region, Singapore


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Mewah, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Singapore, is a highly regarded and trusted brand that has been providing quality products to consumers for over 60 years. Their products are used by more than a billion people in over 100 countries worldwide, making them a global leader in the edible oils and fats industry. This success can be attributed to their focus on meeting the specific needs of their consumers and continuously innovating their product offerings.

With the growing demand for their products, Mewah has expanded its operations and refining capacity to meet the needs of its consumers. They now have a current total refining capacity of 3.5 million MT annually, making them one of the largest edible oils and fats businesses in the world. This expansion has allowed them to continue to provide high-quality products to their customers while also meeting the growing demand for their products.

In recent years, Mewah has diversified its business by adding other consumer products to its portfolio. They have added rice, soap, and dairy products to their line of products under their own brands. This strategic move has not only opened up new opportunities for them, but it has also provided significant synergies to their existing business. The strength of their global distribution channel and well-known brands has allowed them to successfully introduce these new products to the market.

Founded: 1950s


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Hong Leong Asia Ltd.

Hong Leong Asia Ltd. is a Singapore-based investment holding company that is part of the Hong Leong Group. The company and its subsidiaries engage in a range of activities related to the manufacturing and distribution of diesel engines and related products, as well as building materials.

The company’s diesel engine segment includes the production and distribution of diesel engines and automobile spare parts. This segment has been a key driver of the company’s growth, and it has allowed them to establish itself as a leading supplier of diesel engines in Asia. In addition to its diesel engine segment, Hong Leong Asia Ltd. is also involved in the production and distribution of building materials. They have a strong presence in the building materials market and have developed a reputation for quality and reliability in this field.

Over the years, Hong Leong Asia Ltd. has expanded its operations and grown into a diversified Asian multinational with a strong market presence and financial stability. The company has established a reputation for market leadership and innovation, and they work closely with their customers across rapidly urbanizing Asia to develop and deliver innovative solutions that improve the quality of life and drive sustainability for the cities of the future.

Founded: 1941

Headquarters: Central Region, Singapore


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Interplex is a world leader in designing and manufacturing interconnect and mechanical products that deliver lasting value to its customers. The company aims to help its customers reduce their Total Cost of Ownership by leveraging a unique multi-disciplinary skill set from both electro-mechanical and mechanical disciplines. By utilizing its technical expertise, vertically integrated manufacturing, global footprint, and innovative technologies, Interplex is able to deliver interconnected products that are shaping the fields of Mobility, Medical, and Information & Communications.

In the field of Mobility, Interplex is proud to be a constant innovator in the development of new technologies that help make electric vehicles more efficient. With its expertise in interconnects and mechanical components, the company is able to deliver solutions that lead to improved fuel efficiency and range.

In the Medical industry, Interplex’s experts enable possibilities with connectors, cable assemblies, and customized solutions for a range of surgical and medical devices. The company is able to create innovative solutions that help to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery.

In the Information & Communications industry, Interplex is a vertically integrated solutions provider that customizes high-precision peripherals, servers, and storage solutions. With its expertise in interconnects and mechanical components, the company is able to deliver solutions that are both reliable and high-performing.

Interplex is a company that is committed to delivering value to its customers by leveraging its technical expertise, global footprint, and innovative technologies. Whether it is in the field of Mobility, Medical, or Information & Communications, Interplex is able to create solutions that help its customers reduce their Total Cost of Ownership and stay ahead of the competition.

Founded: 1970

Headquarters: Central Region, Singapore

top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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Interplex Industries

Halcyon Agri

Halcyon Agri is a global leader in the production and supply of natural rubber products, with its key operating assets spread across Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Africa. Their reach is further strengthened by a network of logistics assets, storage and terminals, laboratories, and sales offices spanning Southeast Asia, China, South Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

With processing facilities in Southeast Asia, China, and Africa, Halcyon Agri produces Crumb Rubber and Latex, as well as procuring other origins and grades from third-party producers worldwide. Their Technically Specified Rubber, Mixture Rubber, and Latex are supplied to a global customer base, for use in making vehicle tires, as well as other industrial and commercial goods.

Halcyon Agri has built an integrated value chain and global network that enables them to create better value for investors and customers, with exceptional levels of operational efficiency that future-proof the rubber industry. They remain committed to maintaining their leadership position in the rubber industry, through ongoing innovation and investment in their people, processes, and technology.

The company’s focus on sustainable practices is reflected in its commitment to responsible rubber sourcing, social and environmental sustainability, and fair labor practices. Halcyon Agri’s strategic approach has earned them a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner, delivering high-quality natural rubber products and services to customers around the world. With its global reach and operational excellence, Halcyon Agri is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the global rubber industry, now and in the future.


top 10 largest manufacturing companies in singapore

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