Best Kids' Yoga Classes in Singapore

This summer, many parents are looking for yoga classes for kids in Singapore. Yoga classes not only boost their physical and mental health but also help them have a meaningful experience in summer. Below are the best kids yoga classes in Singapore.

  1. Canvass Mindfulness Training Centre
  2. Mini Glow Yoga Club
  3. Como Shambhala Urban Escape
  4. So-Yoga
  5. OhmSantih Yoga
  6. Vyasa Yoga & Ayurveda Singapore
  7. Sweatbox Yoga

Canvass Mindfulness Training Centre

At Canvass Mindfulness Training Centre, kids under 16 years old can participate in art, storytelling, and yoga. Individually and in groups, children will be taught various positions, as well as the traditional titles and stories behind each beautiful action. These children are encouraged to express themselves through yoga as well as creative art projects. Meditation and breathing exercises are also provided to ensure that your kid has a thorough understanding of this ancient art form. There are plenty of wonderful classes for those who want to try something new!

Canvass Mindfulness Training Centre is one of the best kids’ yoga classes in Singapore because programs are specially designed for each group. Kids from 5 to 12 years old can join Holistic Kids Camps. Children are invited to be on a learning journey of movement, art, and mindfulness. Then, then can build, develop and strengthen their life skills to be aware of what’s going around in the current world, and where we can practice integrating what we learn as a social group.

Even parents can also take part in a program called Parent-Child Weekend Camps. Its target is parents, grandparents, or other significant adults who accompany their kids aged from 4 to 10 years. Children and adults will participate in a variety of activities and learn together, including sensation exploration to bring our bodies and brains back to the present now, partner breathwork, mindfulness-based dance, creative art exercises, and making matching tie-dye clothes.

Address: 5A Binjai Park, Singapore 589820

Phone: +65 8522 2940


top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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Mini Glow Yoga Club

The Mini Glow Yoga Club’s kids yoga program strives to introduce yoga to children as early as possible. They encourage active brains and healthy lifestyles in order to relieve them of any tensions or anxieties they may have accumulated along the way. With trained professionals and a friendly and professional environment, your children are sure to have a great time here!

Kids yoga class for children from 4 to 6 years old at Mini Glow Yoga Club encourages children to use their imagination to learn about nature and the environment, thereby understanding the world through their bodies, which boosts their innate ability to listen, observe and imagine. Breathing techniques will be taught in a variety of unique and inventive ways. They are encouraged to close their eyes after a brief period of relaxation as they learn to self-regulate and prepare for meditation. Role-playing, partner games, and pretend play will help kids develop self-confidence and discipline, as well as inspire them to connect with their inner awareness.

Kids Yoga (7-11) teaches yoga poses, breathing techniques, visualization, and deep relaxation to help school-aged children improve their learning abilities. This program focuses on flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination in this session, as well as promoting self-confidence by encouraging the child’s imagination and self-expression. Children will learn how to communicate effectively and listen well, which will build self-respect, compassion, and goodwill toward others.

Address: 491 River Valley Rd, #01-18/19, Singapore 248371

Phone: +65 6238 0101


top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

Photo: Mini glow yoga

top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

Como Shambhala Urban Escape

Como Shambhala Urban Escape is one of the best kids’ yoga classes in Singapore, aiming to lead kids to a healthy lifestyle from a young age. The game requires flexibility, strength, stamina, self-confidence, coordination, concentration, and collaboration. The classes are lively and engaging. Yoga will be taught in both yama and niyama approaches. Imaginative children will have a lot of fun here.

3-Day Hoslitic kids camp provides the mind-body exploration of mindfulness, yoga, and dance, guiding children to learn to express themselves through natural movement, art, meditation, and sound. This class is suitable for ages 5 to 12, lasts from 1 p.m to 4 p.m, and costs $315. Movement art mindfulness focuses on mindfulness-based movement and art which foster inner strength and self-awareness. Children learn to regulate their emotions and explore creativity with courage by combining mindfulness practices with stretches, balancing poses, breath, sound meditation, and art therapy. Children aged 6 to 12 years old would like this game. Meanwhile, youngsters at Como Shambhala Urban Escape can experience challenging transitions in life. With mindfulness and confidence-building frameworks, anxiety coping tactics, and life skills that encourage future breakthroughs, a child’s potential can be unlocked.

Address: 402 Orchard Rd, #06-01/02, Delfi 238876

Phone: +65 6304 3552


top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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So-Yoga aims to bring yoga into everyone’s lives. Kids from age six years can expect a fun, non-competitive class which can help them stay focused, calm (yay!), and enlightened.

MiniYOGI is designed specially by So-Yoga to promote physical strength and flexibility by teaching them how to use muscles in new ways. At So-Yoga, kids are positioned in circles, not in rows. The class includes activities, yoga poses and flows, breathing methods, and relaxation exercises to keep the kids involved. Music, songs, stories, toys (bubbles, puppets, cards, etc.), and games are all included in the sessions.

Meanwhile, youngsters (5-12 years old) at MiniYoga Camps will breathe, stretch, and have fun while exploring all of their senses! Breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as yoga poses, will be taught to the kids. They’ll also enjoy acro yoga, explore the natural world, and learn new skills through a range of crafts! There is also a yoga class for special kids who show physical or mental disorders. Its participants can be kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum, and other mild to severe developmental, intellectual, sensory or physical disabilities.

Address: A920 ECP, Singapore 449875

Phone: +65 9632 4032


top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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OhmSantih Yoga

OhmSantih Yoga brings a cozy feel and is one of the best kids’ yoga classes in Singapore. With a teaching ratio of 1:5, the child will be good at yoga for a short time. The yoga class has no rigid curriculum or fixed measurement metric. Instead, the kids are encouraged to let their imaginations and creativity guide the lesson, and the instructors place a strong emphasis on improvisation.

The OhmSantih Yoga’s improvisational teachers facilitate each class, which takes shape according to the children’s creativity. Every course is perfectly integrated with yoga poses, yoga breathing exercises, and relaxation activities by our experienced teachers. Breathing exercises are quite important since they assist children in relaxing and remaining calm. These skills become particularly beneficial in managing their day-to-day emotions as kids become more conscious of their breathing, and they acquire a sense of calmness and focus during stressful occasions like as tests or competitions. Relaxation and thoughtful exercises can also help children sleep better and stay awake during the day.

Through the many yoga poses that target different muscles and joints, a child’s flexibility, strength, balance and coordination will be improved. Most significantly, they will become more conscious of their bodies and the changes that occur within them. As they grow, these young yogis become more conscious of maintaining excellent posture and balance as a result of this awareness.

Address: 219 Jln Kayu, #02-01, Singapore 799442

Phone: +65 9040 8379


top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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Vyasa Yoga & Ayurveda Singapore

Vyasa’s yoga lessons for kids are more than simply fun and relaxing; they also incorporate stories, games, and activities that boost creativity, improve memory, and promote health and balance. Lessons are tailored to children in several age groups, ranging from preschool to Grade 10.

Kids at kindergarten can join in the fun, inspirational and playful classes that will encourage self-expression and a child’s natural thirst for knowledge. Vyasa’s yoga blend easy yoga poses with entertaining songs, movements, puppets, and stories in this inventive series to encourage children’s creativity while developing their flexibility. Simple breathing techniques will also be taught to the children.

First to third-grade students can build social skills by practicing yoga. Through Yoga Sun Salutation and a range of yoga positions, children will strengthen their bodies while learning how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. In this energizing lesson, kids sing, dance, sketch, and play yoga.

Students in grades 4-6 can increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. With the help of various breathing and visualization exercises, children will learn how to focus and center themselves. They’ll do Sun Salutation, partner and group poses, as well as entertaining and challenging positions. There are many yoga games to help with memory, focus, and coordination. Eye workouts might help you see better. Breathing exercises will be taught to the children, which will benefit their general health.

Address: 60 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217664

Phone: +65 9626 2425


top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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Sweatbox Yoga

The yoga studio Sweatbox Yoga wants their young student’s ages 7-10 to experience yoga in a dynamic, participatory, and imaginative way. They’ve even made it a goal not to teach the kids difficult yoga positions since they want the focus to be on stress reduction, bodily awareness, self-control, and relaxation. Thus, while children will learn yoga positions, they will do so in a relaxed and cooperative manner.

To teach them to different yoga poses, the session combines games as well as cooperative play. Throughout the session, the teachers use various props and imaginative activities to assist the children to obtain ecological and anatomical information as they emulate flora and fauna stances.

At Sweatbox Yoga, yoga allows youngsters to improve their minds by allowing them to concentrate and focus on the subtleties of their bodily movements. This also improves the children’s attention spans, allowing them to concentrate on things outside of yoga class. Yoga also teaches youngsters to persevere, as some of the positions can be difficult for young children. Yoga asanas can also teach children proper posture and help them develop a habit. Sweatbox yoga instructors are skilled at balancing energy and relaxation in a way that is appropriate for kids.

Address: 200 Turf Club Road #05-03/04 The Grandstand Singapore 287994

Phone: +65 6468 0836


top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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top 7 best kids' yoga classes in singapore

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